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Physical Requirements


All imaging sciences students must meet the following physical requirements.

Vision Capabilities

  • Normal or corrected refraction within the range of 20/20 to 20/60
  • Able to distinguish color shade changes
  • Possess normal or corrected hearing ability within the 0-45 decibel range

Tactile Capabilities

  • Possess in at least one hand, the ability to perceive temperature change and pulsations
  • Possess in at least one hand, the ability to differentiate between various textures and structures
  • Recognize an object by touching and handling

Language Capability

  • Able to communicate verbally

Motor Capabilities

  • Possess four functional limbs (natural or artificial) which allow the following actions:
    • Grasp securely with two functional upper limbs.
    • Push and/or pull movable objects weighing 100-150 lbs.
    • Lift at least 25 lbs. without assistance.
    • Stand for long periods of time.
    • Sit/stand and maintain balance.
    • Walk without the assistance of canes, crutches, walkers, and/or humans.
    • Reach above shoulders and below waist.
  • Twist, bend, stoop/squat, and move quickly.

Mental Health Status

  • Possess the ability to adapt to the environment, function in everyday activities, and cope with stressors.