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Mission, Goals and Outcomes


Mission, goals and anticipated learner outcomes for the radiologic science program.


The Radiologic Science program, in conjunction with the Department and University's mission, is committed to preparing graduates to function as competent radiographers and to provide a foundation for continued lifetime learning and professional development in imaging sciences.



The MSU Radiologic Science Program produces graduates who will:  

  1. Be clinically competent.  

  2. Communicate effectively.  

  3. Use critical thinking skills.  

  4. Evaluate the importance of professionalism.



Students in the MSU Radiologic Science Program will:  

  1. Apply positioning skills.  

  2. Practice radiation protection practices.  

  3. Use effective oral communication skills.  

  4. Practice effective written communication skills.  

  5. Manipulate technical factors to obtain optimal results for non-routine examinations.  

  6. Apply the principles of radiographic physics.  

  7. Recognize the importance of continued professional development.  

  8. Students are ready to assume professional development responsibilities.