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Chemistry, B.S.


Tailor your chemistry degree to your interests with our program options.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)






4 years

Course Requirements

What You’ll Learn in chemistry

You’ll take classes in organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, along with chemistry electives, that will give you a well-rounded foundational education in the field.  

What You Can Do with a chemistry Degree

A degree in chemistry prepares you for several exciting career paths. The chemistry teaching option combines a degree in chemistry with teaching certification, preparing you for a career as an educator. You can also choose to advance your education in graduate school. 

American Chemical Society Careers


Earn a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a secondary education teaching certification.

Curriculum Map

Become a professional chemist and work for chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, in medical research and more.

Curriculum Map

What Makes Morehead State’s Program Different

Our hands-on approach to learning means you gain valuable skills before you enter the workforce. Many of our graduates say they are more prepared for work tasks than their peers who attended other schools because of the experience they received at MSU. 

Admission to chemistry

To enroll in the chemistry program, you must be accepted to MSU. 

Contact Information

Department of Biology & Chemistry

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PHONE: 606-783-2945
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