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MSU named Bicycle Friendly Campus

image: League of American Bicyclists logoThe League of American Bicyclists has announced that Morehead State University is a Bicycle Friendly University.

MSU was designated a silver campus and was the only Kentucky university to be added to the list this year. 

“As an institution that is focused on health living, sustainability, and green initiatives, becoming a Bicycle Friendly University is another step in the right direction for MSU,” said Holly Niehoff, sustainability and safety specialist.

“Morehead is a wonderful place for bike enthusiasts, especially mountain and road bikers who enjoy the hilly terrain and vast scenic trails, but also a great place for people who just want to take a leisurely ride around campus and our Kentucky Trail Town. I am happy that we are represented on the map as a Bike Friendly University and I hope that this will attract bike friendly students and visitors to our area and encourage more people to give up the car and enjoy a healthy activity that is good for our bodies and our planet."

There are a total of 164 BFU’s across the country recognized for their work in providing opportunities for bicyclists. 

“In its fifth year, we’ve seen the Bicycle Friendly University program’s momentum continue to grow and reach even more campuses across the country,” said Bill Nesper, programs director. “We applaud this round of BFUs for raising the standard and being innovative in making bicycling a safe, convenient and enjoyable option for students, staff, and visitors alike.”

Some of the efforts made at MSU include hosting the first Bike MSU Day, which included a beginner and advanced ride with President Wayne D. Andrews. The University also provides bicycle safety, laws, and an online campus map of bike rack locations on the Earthwise Eagle webpage. The Outdoor Adventures through the Recreation and Wellness Center provides bicycles and safety gear that students can rent for a day or weekend.

Other future projects include; a bicycle registration program, construction of the Eagle Walk pedestrian and bicycle friendly path through the heart of campus, adding bike sharrows to campus streets, installing a bike repair station so that students have a place to make minor repairs to their bicycles, continual bicycle education, and a formation of a student-led bicycle club.

A total of 51 new and renewing BFUs were announced for 2016. Prior to MSU’s recognition, the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville were the only other Kentucky silver campuses designated.
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Additional information may be obtained by contacting Niehoff at 606-783-2584, emailing her at, or visiting