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Media Advisory - MSU to announce Exomedicine Institute Grant

EVENT:      The Exomedicine Institute will present Morehead State University with a $300,000 grant to fund the creation of the Exomedicine Center for Applied Technology

DATE:        Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017

TIME:             1 p.m.

SITE:         Space Science Center, Morehead State University,
235 Martindale Drive, Morehead, Kentucky
Speakers will include:
  • James Shaw, Vice President for University Advancement, Morehead State University;
  • Dr. Wayne Andrews, President, Morehead State University;
  • State Representative Rocky Adkins;
  • Kris Kimel, Founder, Exomedicine Institute;
  • Dr. Kyle Keeney, Executive Director, Exomedicine Institute;
  • Terry Samuel, Chief Operating Officer, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation;
  • Dr. Ben Malphrus, Director, Space Science Center, Morehead State University.