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MSU students display research at Posters-at-the-Capitol

Morehead State University President Wayne D. Andrews, Dr. Michael Henson, associate vice president for research and dean of the graduate school, along with other university and state officials unveiled this year’s Posters-at-the-Capitol Thursday, March 2.

“These student projects, completed in collaboration with faculty members outside the traditional classroom setting, represent the personal, value added educational opportunities available at Morehead State University,” said President Andrews.

“The involvement of undergraduate students with faculty in research, scholarship, and other creative endeavors provides the type of rich academic environment necessary for the development of leaders with the intellectual skills and vision to guide the future social and economic development of our Commonwealth and the nation. MSU is committed to the continued expansion of these scholarly opportunities for students in all academic programs through initiatives such as our unique Undergraduate Research Fellows program and our Celebration of Student Scholarship Week.

More than 125 poster projects are on display throughout the Capitol.

A total of 25 MSU students collaborated with faculty to present posters at this year’s event. 

“Morehead State University has a well-documented history of excellence in undergraduate research and this has resulted in a campus culture that embraces faculty mentorship as a means of enhancing engagement and critical thinking skills – both of which are important predictors of student success.  We are indeed proud of our students and their faculty mentors who are showcasing their collaborations in Frankfort today,” said Dr. Henson.

>> View a photo gallery of Posters-at-the-Capitol

Participants were:
  • Terra E. Riggs of Mt. Washington worked with Dr. Wesley White and Dr. Ilsun White. Her poster was titled, “Acute Withdrawal from Nicotine Involves Reduced Activity and May Be Due to Temporary Disruption of a Brain Reward Pathway.”
  • Sydney Gebka of Union collaborated with faculty member Dr. Johnathan K. Nelson. Her poster was titled, “An Inductive Study of Perceived Susceptibility to Unethical Behavior.”
  • Kaleb Toller of Lexington worked with Dr. Jorge Ortega-Moody. His poster was titled, “Applications of Industrial Robots in the Classroom.”
  • Albina Laskovtsov of Nicholasville and Amber Lawson of Morehead collaborated with faculty member Dr. Bernadette Barton. Their poster was titled, “College Parties and Raunch Culture.”
  • Michael T. Edlin of hometown worked with Dr. Jorge Ortega Moody. His poster was titled, “Delta Robot Applications for Training.”
  • Allison Hull of Richmond collaborated with Dr. Gina Gonzalez. Her poster was titled, “Dietary supplement attitudes and behaviors in the personal training profession.”
  • Danielle N. Gibson of Germantown and Mark Will Casto Jr. of Russell (Craft Academy students) worked with Dr. Michael E. Fultz. Their poster was titled, “Effect of Microgravity on the Contraction and Cytoskeletal Remodeling of A7r5 Smooth Muscle Cells.”
  • Kevin Shankle of Morehead, Matt Belcher of Morehead, and Emily MacFarland of St. Augustine, Fla., collaborated with faculty member Dr. Elizabeth B. Perkins. Their poster was titled, “Exploring Young Males' Vulnerability to the Sex Trafficking Industry in a Rural State.”
  • Adam N. Stanley of Garrison worked with Dr. Sanghyun Lee. Their poster was titled, "Feasibility of Efficient Photovoltaics in Eastern Kentucky" / "Developing a 3-D Printed Solar Vehicle with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulator."
  • Shelbie L. Crowe of Mt. Sterling collaborated with faculty member Kim Nettleton. Her poster was titled, “Let There Be Light: Does Light Influence Transition Behavior?”
  • Joanna M. Guerrant of Winchester worked with faculty member Dr. Gina Blunt Gonzalez. Her poster was titled, “Motor Development and Skill Acquisition in Elementary-aged Students.”
  • Jordan Bach of Clearfield collaborated with faculty members Dr. Janet Ratliff and Dr. Steve Chen. His poster was titled, “MSU College Students’ Perceptions and Concerns of Studying Abroad.
  • Mikinley G. Lustenberg of Corinth, and Cullen Lee Beard of Falmouth (Craft Academy students) worked with advisor Michelle Lustenberg. Their poster was titled, “Neptune's Farm: Research in Underwater Agriculture.”
  • Kaitlyn E. Dennis of Morehead collaborated with faculty member Denise Vulhop Watkins. Her poster was titled, "Research and Study of Fashion and Costume History Spanning from Ancient Egypt to Modern Day."
  • Justin M. Elswick of Ashland worked with faculty member Dr. Lesia Lennex. His poster was titled, "Technology Use in Secondary Chemistry and Physics Classrooms in Kentucky."
  • Merideth Jewell of Mt. Washington collaborated with faculty members Dr. Kenneth Henderson and Dr. Steve Chen. Her poster was titled, "Understanding Insights for Building Effective Marketing Strategies for Women's Volleyball."
  • Daniel M. Rush of Lexington (Craft Academy) and Haley E. West of Paris worked with faculty member Dr. Thomas Pannuti. Their poster was titled, "An Analysis of Archival Observations Made of Galactic Supernova Remnants by the Chandra X-ray Observatory."
  • Adda M. Coleman of Morehead worked with faculty member Dr. Christina Conroy. Her poster was titled, "Virtue Epistemology and Narration in 'Beowulf'."
Additional information about this event and opportunities for undergraduate research at MSU is available by calling 606-783-2010.