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ETM receives Software Donation from Intel Embedded University Program

Morehead State University’s Dr. Jorge Ortega-Moody, assistant professor of engineering and technology management in the School off Engineering and Information Systems (SEIS) has facilitated the donation of 30 licenses of Quartus Prime Edition and 30 licenses of ModelSim-Intel® Edition Software through the Intel Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) University Program.

The donation has a total value of $179,700 and allows the department to access free updates for the next 10 years. This software will be used in Mechatronics classes such as Digital Electronics, Mechatronics, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing and Interfacing.

“By using this software technology in the classroom, ETM students will gain advanced technological experience during their studies that will serve them well after graduation,” said Dr. Ahmad Zargari, School of Engineering and Information Systems associate dean. “Graduates with this type of software training are highly-marketable candidates for contemporary technology jobs.”

The Intel® Embedded University Program increases the presence of Intel® architecture in classrooms and research labs worldwide. The program supports universities in curriculum development, hardware, student contests and research.  It also holds an annual research and education summit, giving professors opportunities to interact with peers, Intel® architects and engineers. 

Additional information is available by contacting Ortega-Moody at 606-783-2410, email, or visit the Department of Engineering and Technology Management's website.