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Alumni Association honors President Andrews

Morehead State University Alumni Association Board President Jason Rainey and president-elect Dr. Jason Marion presented Dr. Wayne D. Andrews with a resolution granting him honorary life membership in MSU’s Alumni Association. The Alumni Association Board of Directors unanimously voted to pass the resolution in January 2017.

The Alumni Association serves more than 60,000 MSU alumni. With its primary goal to keep alumni connected to their alma mater and their fellow classmates, the Alumni Association maintains regular communication with alumni, hosts gatherings across the country and provides Eagles with a long-lasting relationship to the University.

The resolution reads:

Whereas, Dr. Wayne D. Andrews has honorably served as President of Morehead State University since January 2005, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews has provided leadership that has enabled Morehead State University to be named one of the Top 25 public universities in the South for 13 consecutive years, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ active engagement in growing the university has led to record enrollments exceeding 10,000 students, of whom are the university’s most academically prepared, which has also led to the growth of the Alumni Association from 45,000 to over 55,000 members, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ superior attention to detail and campus aesthetics has instilled a sense of pride in our alumni returning to campus as they see that the historic crescent moon campus is now one of nation’s most attractive collegiate landscapes, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ commitment to having high-quality facilities and state-of-the-art health facilities has resulted in modernizing Morehead State University and the City of Morehead all while preserving the collegiate gothic architecture through the university’s most impressive building campaign only rivaled by the 23-year tenure of Dr. Adron Doran, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ personal commitment to the people of Appalachia and East Kentucky has elevated the role of Morehead State University for regional engagement and in preserving the region’s and many alumni member’s rich cultural traditions through the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, the Folk Art Center, and active participation in regional initiatives, and

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ passion for the university has led to an increased sense of pride by our alumni as reflected by growing the university endowment by over $20 million;

Whereas, Dr. Andrews’ consistently and effectively educated local, state, and federal leaders of the importance of Morehead State University while demonstrating his personal commitment to supporting our alumni and the value of our alumni to the Commonwealth and beyond;

Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the Morehead State University Alumni Association that Dr. Wayne D. Andrews be and hereby is commended for over twelve years of service.

Therefore, be it further resolved by the Board of Directors of the Morehead State University Alumni Association that Dr. Wayne D. Andrews be and hereby is granted an Honorary Life Membership in the Morehead State University Alumni Association for rendering valuable and conspicuous service to the University and the Association.

Additional information is available at 606-783-2033 or online at

Pictured above, from left: Dr. Jason Marion, Dr. Wayne D. Andrews and Jason Rainey