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MSU announces first cohort for Early Assurance Program

EAP-E.jpgThree Morehead State University students have been accepted to the first cohort of a program that will assure them a place at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

Warren Price and Kassidy Cyrus, both of Louisa, and Katelyn Coleman of Elkhorn City, were accepted into the Early Assurance Program (EAP), a joint program between MSU and UK.

Students majoring in biological sciences, biomedical sciences or chemistry at MSU who are interested in attending medical school and practicing medicine in rural Kentucky can apply for the program. If accepted, they will be assured a spot in UK’s College of Medicine after finishing their undergraduate degrees at MSU and fulfilling the program’s eligibility requirements. Students accepted into the EAP will also be involved in UK’s Rural Physician Leadership Program (RPLP), which aims to address the issue of limited access to healthcare in rural areas of the Commonwealth.

“I have always had an interest in rural medicine. I feel like rural medicine allows for a closer relationship between the doctor and patient to be formed and allows physicians to provide a better quality of care since you are able to see patients repetitively. And, frankly, in larger areas, you don’t have the luxury of getting to know your patients,” said Cyrus, a junior biomedical sciences major with a concentration in pre-medicine. “Medicine isn’t just about the science. It is truly about helping people and trying to create the best health care available and I feel like this is what the program is geared to do.”

Price, a junior biomedical sciences major, said he was drawn to the program not just because of the chance to attend UK’s medical school, but because of the guidance students in the program receive from staff and professionals involved in the RPLP.

“There are some great and highly experienced professors, doctors and staff involved with the program that can lead me in the places I need to go and show me where I need to be in my studies. The program also greatly helps us with MCAT study by providing us study materials and a schedule to follow,” he said.

For more information on the Early Assurance Program, contact Dr. Craig Tuerk, program coordinator, at 606-783-2958 or email at

Pictured above, from left: Warren Price, Kassidy Cyrus and Katelyn Coleman.