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MSU hosts Super Summer Camp

Super-summer-camp-E.jpgWhat do eating bugs, motorized critters, and 3D printers have in common? They are all part of the experiences at the Super Summer Gifted Camp at Morehead State University.

Each year, camp instructors lead sessions in drama, art, science, math, technology and social studies. The camp is in its ninth year and hosted more than 70 children from surrounding counties this summer. Campers ranged from third grade to ninth grade.

Two of the classes, Science Investigations, with Dr. Robert Boram, and Island Survival, with James Hood, are perennial favorites. Some campers were repeaters in these sessions and plan to come back next year and take them again. This year, Dr. Bob Franzini led a print art session and Dr. Lesia Lennex paired 3D printers, engineering and art in a miniatures class.  

Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) will be invigorated this summer with campers’ voices through Carolyn Franzini’s session on storytelling and broadcasting. The amazing acting talents of campers were captured in the production of their play, while campers in Enigma learned to intercept and crack coded messages from WW II.  Other sessions focused on math and energy.

“The camps’ purpose is to provide enrichment to the region’s gifted children. Gifted education in Kentucky schools is woefully underfunded, with many gifted teachers having a case load of more than 300 students and being responsible for educating all the gifted students in a district,” said Dr. Kim Nettleton, camp director.

 The Super Summer camp is dedicated to providing enrichment at a deeper level.

Additional information is available by calling Nettleton at 859-624-0544, or Dr. Lesia Lennex, camp co-director, at 606-783-2879.

To see more pictures from the camp, visit our Flickr gallery.