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Talent Search Program visits Nashville

Talent-Search-E.jpgMorehead State University’s Talent Search Program treated 54 freshmen-to-be to an educational and fun experience in Nashville, Tennessee, June 20-24, for a whirlwind four days.

Participating were:

  • Bath County - Jaycie Bussell, Gabby Hill, Kennedy Johnson and Allie Leach;
  • Carter County - Mary Allen, Allison Corns, Kesia Holbrook, Allison Sparks, Joshua Gibson and Gauge Waddell;
  • Elliott County - Becky Dennis, Stacy O'Neal, Tessa Trent, Richard Hay, Hunter Mayse and Chase Wilson;
  • Greenup County - Breanna Picklesimer, Brianna Sutton, Wyntre Wintz, Kylie Perry, Jacob Nickell, Judd Hensley and Andrew Nicely;
  • Johnson County - Taylor Rowland and Mackinely Daniels;
  • Magoffin County - Kylee Adney, Hadley Craft, Whitanie Jordan, Brooklin Lykins, Katelin Poe and Cheyanne Saylor;
  • Menifee County- Abby Clifford, Chloe Deskins
  • Morgan County - Isabella Trimble, Breana Risner, Emma Stacy, Hailey Woodward, Michael Griffith and Blue Yeary;
  • Lewis County - Mechael Boling, Abby Dyer, Alaina Hardy, Tiffany Fannin, Molly McHugh, Lucas Bocook and Gabriel Wilder-Hamiltion;
  • Powell County- Hannah Campbell, Emma Perry, Breana Prewitt and Destiny Randall;
  • Rowan County - Ashley Blake, Taryn Nickell, Savannah Sattler, Alyssia Skaggs and Shianna Sluss.

The group sat in on a broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry. The Opry is the oldest live continuous broadcast program in America. The Talent Search students were recognized and allowed to voice their presence to the world-wide Opry audience.

Next came a visit to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. The students were fortunate to have time with award winning songwriter Billy Montana. Montana explained the creative processes of song writing. He then led the students through a process of writing a song “TRIO goes to Nashville.” All of them then joined in the singing and recording of the song. Each student was given a CD of the song.

The students were able to view Civil War’s Battle of Franklin battlefield and given the history lesson through the eyes of three families as they toured of the Carnton Plantation, the Carter Home and the Lotz House. The group also learned the story of what was called the bloodiest five hours of the Civil War, when 9,500 troops lost their lives. The tour of the Battle of Franklin, explained why it occurred, the arrival of the Federal and Confederate armies, and details of what became known as one of the greatest single assaults of the Civil War.

The Talent Search group visited a dance studio to learn some line dancing. After a couple of hours of instructions and practice, they journeyed to the Wild Horse Saloon and a private party balcony with smorgasbord, gaming tables and time to relax. The brave ones rode the elevator down to the dance floor and enjoyed an evening of “boot-scootin” line dancing.

Other whirlwind visits included the Parthenon, state capital, state museum, the Hard Rock Café, a drive-through tour of Music Row and its recording studios and on the final evening a private concert. 

MSU’s Talent Search is program to encourage students to develop academic skills to assure their success in post-secondary education. The program works with more than 1,600 middle and high school students in grades 6 through 12 within an 11 county area. The counties include: Bath, Carter, Elliott, Greenup, Johnson, Lewis, Magoffin, Menifee, Morgan, Powell and Rowan. Those who participate in this program receive services in four major program areas: academic counseling, career counseling, financial counseling and personal counseling to ensure graduation from high school and successful placement in the postsecondary institution of their choice.

Additional information is available by calling Sharon Williams, program director, at 606-783-5487 or visit