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Inscape accepting submissions

Inscape, Morehead State University’s literary and visual art publication, is accepting submissions in three categories.

Contests are being held for best cover design, and visual art and writing for the interior of the publication. The deadline to submit for the cover design and visual art portion of the competition is Dec. 1 and Jan. 28 for the writing portion.

Prizes are being offered in both of the visual art competitions, with a first place prize of $100 for the selected cover design. A $100 award will be given for the best artwork submitted for the interior of the publication, with second, third and honorable mention prizes of $75,

$50 and $25, respectively, to be awarded. Participants must be an MSU student to enter the visual art competitions.

Students may submit poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction or drama for inclusion in the interior of the publication. Prizes of $50 for first place will be awarded in each of the poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction categories. Participants must be an MSU student to be awarded a literary prize, but submissions for inclusion in the magazine are open to non-students as well.

Inscape is an annual MSU publication with a long history of cutting edge visual and literary art. Media and genres of work range from prose, poetry, short story, long narrative, nonfiction and creative essays to photography, printmaking, painting, design, drawing, digital art, mixed-media, pottery and sculpture.

The publication is coordinated by the departments of English and Art and Design.

Additional information and the complete list of guidelines on the competitions are available at