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Fall Commencement recognizes nearly 600 degree candidates

Morehead State University honored nearly 600 degree candidates at fall commencement ceremonies on Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Academic-Athletic Center.

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There were smiles, cheers and lots of photographs taken as the newest alumni took the ceremonial walk across the stage, signifying the completion of their college degrees. They were greeted by MSU President Dr. Joseph A. (Jay) Morgan, who offered a congratulatory handshake to each of those completing graduate and undergraduate degree requirements.

Lindsay Childs of Hillsboro was the student speaker.

Childs is the daughter of Jeff and Cindy Childs and the sister of Christi Childs.

A graduate of Fleming County High School, where she graduated summa cum laude, Childs is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and electronic engineering.

She has maintained a 3.786 grade point average and received the 2017 Outstanding Computer and Electronic Engineering Student Award. She was president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, MSU Chapter. She is also a member of the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

“One of the factors that shaped my experience at MSU the most were the teachers. The professors that I had were always accepting, and understanding. Due to the guidance and encouragement of my instructors, I was given many different chances to not only prove myself, but also shape the next generation of students. By giving me these opportunities, the faculty showed me how much they believed and supported me, as well as proving that they saw something in me that I did not see in myself,” Childs told the crowd.

While attending MSU, she worked as an Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Aside from school activities, she enjoys playing the piano and is very active in her church.

After graduation, Childs will attend Morehead State to complete her master’s degree in engineering and technology management while working as a graduate assistant.

“When I started MSU, there were a couple of other women in my classes, but by the time sophomore year started, I was the only female in a class of 50 men. At first, I was intimidated, I was scared to answer questions because I was afraid I would get the answer wrong. As the classes progressed, the dynamic between my classmates and I changed. It started gradually, with answering questions and becoming more comfortable with group activities. Then the awkwardness disappeared completely,” said Childs.

“The men started to treat me like any other classmate and it became clear my opinions were valued. My classmates would ask me questions, and put me in charge of group projects because I was good at organizing the content and keeping my group members on task. The change in the dynamic was difficult, but all of us embraced it and learned important lessons because of it--lessons of acceptance and the value of change.”

For the commencement exercises, the grand marshal and mace bearer was Dr. Geoffrey W. Gearner, professor of biology, who received the Distinguished Teacher Award.

Faculty marshals were Dr. Frances L. Helphinstine, professor of English, and Dr. Julia Ann Hypes, associate professor of sports management.

Student marshals were Megan L. Conn and MaryKate Wireman, Graduate Programs; Grayson P. Brookshire and Casey R. Christian, College of Science; Mark A. Curtis Jr. and Allison E. Terrell, College of Business and Technology; Gentry M. Arnold and Evan Yongue, College of Education; Whitney J. Dunn and Kristen M. Hale, Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Reagan Stamper sang the national anthem and Noah Colley performed the alma mater during the commencement program.

ROTC students were commissioned as part of the program.

Following the ceremony, the newest alumni were inducted into the MSU Alumni Association Inc. by president, Jason Rainey.

Additional information on Fall Commencement exercises is available by calling 606-783-2008 or online at