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Prater recognized by OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni

Photo: Dr. Prater and his wife, Mary Alice PraterMorehead State University’s Dr. Phil Prater, professor of veterinary technology, was recognized by The Ohio State University’s Alumni Society. During OSU’s homecoming, he was honored as an alumnus who has shown distinction through their professional or non-professional activities and set themselves apart through excellence in veterinary medicine or enhancing their community. 

“This was certainly a surprise and tremendous honor to have been chosen as one of the Alumni Recognition Award recipients. I am always proud and thankful of the excellent training I received at OSU, which has directly impacted my instructional abilities in my current position at Morehead State.

Dr. Prater joined the faculty of MSU’s Veterinary Technology Program in 1998. His primary responsibilities include teaching large animal clinical procedures and health maintenance of the equine and food animal herds on the University Farm.

 He is a past president of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association and on the advisory board of the Kentucky Cattleman’s Association and the Kentucky Beef Network.

He has authored and co-authored several peer reviewed articles and two book chapters on large and small animal reproduction. Dr. Prater serves as faculty adviser to MSU’s Pre-Veterinary Medicine students and the Pre-Vet club. 

Dr. Prater was named the Veterinarian of the Year by the KVMA and received the Outstanding Senior Teacher Award from the American Association of Colleges of Agriculture and Renewable Resources. In 2008, Dr. Prater was given the University’s Distinguished Teacher Award, and received the rank of full professor.

In addition to his work in organized veterinary medicine, he has also provided his expertise to many countries around the world including Peru, Haiti and China.

Dr. Prater received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ohio State University and completed a residency in Theriogenology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He came to MSU from the Bedford Hill Veterinary Hospital which he owned and operated in Paris.

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Pictured above are Dr. Phil Prater and his wife, Mary Alice Prater.