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Latino USA debuts on WMKY

Hinojosa-M.jpgMorehead State Public Radio (WMKY, 90.3FM) has announced the addition of a Latino-based news and information program to its weekend lineup.

Latino USA is a weekly, one-hour program providing a platform for Latino voices and perspectives in the radio news landscape. Distributed by NPR, Latino USA airs Saturday mornings at 7 a.m.

Hosted by the award-winning journalist, news anchor and author Maria Hinojosa, the program specializes in news, culture and storytelling to inform Americans about the fastest-growing group in our country.

“We are excited to add this exceptional program to our weekend lineup,” said Paul Hitchcock, MSPR general manager. “It’s important to embrace opportunities to learn from other cultures with diverse backgrounds.”

Latino USA has received numerous programming awards including the Peabody Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the National Journalism Award, the Gabriel Award, and numerous awards from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

In 2010, Hinojosa launched The Futuro Media Group with the mission to produce multi-platform, community-based journalism that gives voice to the voiceless by harnessing the power of independent media to tell stories overlooked or under reported by traditional media.

“It’s important that we hear Latino experiences, providing a media landscape where non-Latinos can join the conversations happening in those communities,” said Hinojosa. “We must help define the conversation about our times and our society.”

For more than 25 years, Hinojosa has helped tell America's untold stories and brought to light unsung heroes in America and abroad. She is the author of two books including a motherhood memoir, “Raising Raul: Adventures Raising Myself and My Son.” She was born in Mexico City, raised in Chicago and received her bachelor’s degree from Barnard College.

Serving more than 20 counties throughout eastern Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, Morehead State Public Radio (WMKY) broadcasts at 90.3 FM from the campus of Morehead State University.

Questions or comments can be directed to Hitchcock at 606-783-2334. Additional information can be found on MSPR’s website at