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16th Region T-shirts will honor Marshall County High School

KHSAA-shirt-E.pngThe University Bookstore at Morehead State University will honor Marshall County High School with a special edition T-shirt for this year’s 16th region boys’ and girls’ basketball tournaments.

This year, the 16th region shirts are a special design with blue and orange art, featuring the Marshall Strong logo. The shirts will be sold in the lobby of Academic-Athletic Center each night of the tournament (while supplies last).

The shirts will retail for $15. All proceeds from the shirts will go to Marshall County High School to support Marshall Strong in the wake of the Jan. 23 shooting.

“We are very proud that we are able to support Marshall County High School,” said Tim Rhodes, tournament director. “Our region has always been known to step up when needed. We remember what happened in January and that the money we raise will help Marshall County and Marshall County High School to heal.”

Additional information may be obtained by calling the University Bookstore at 606-783-2081.