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Spring Writer’s Retreat to be held March 24

The Morehead Writing Project will hold its 2018 Spring Writer's Retreat on Saturday, March 24, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kentucky Folk Art Center.

The event encourages participants to explore the traditions, culture and colorful characters in their families. The goal is to preserve the stories, unique culture, legends and superstitions of Appalachians. Participants are encouraged to bring photos, memorabilia and artifacts that relate to their stories. The retreat includes six hours of professional development for teachers, along with interaction and collaboration with fellow writers.

The retreat is open to all writers in the community.

“There is something refreshing about simply spending the day focused on writing. It refills my well,” said Deanna Mascle, MWP site director. “It also is a wonderful sense of community to spend time with other writers sharing our creative energy and finding inspiration in our surroundings and each other as well as the prompts and activities offered to us. Every retreat I attend I always learn something new and I always create something unexpected.”

Registration for the retreat is $50 and the deadline is March 22. Register online at

The Morehead Writing Project (MWP) is a teacher professional development program based in Morehead State’s Department of English. Founded in 1986, the goal of the MWP is to help Eastern Kentucky teachers improve their writing skills to make them better writing teachers. The MWP also provides year-round outreach programs and teacher training at Eastern Kentucky schools.

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