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Students present posters in Frankfort

Posters at the Capitol logoMorehead State University President Joseph A. (Jay) Morgan, Dr. Steven Ralston, provost and vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Michael Henson, associate vice president for research and dean of the graduate school, along with other university and state officials unveiled this year’s Posters-at-the-Capitol Thursday, Feb. 8.

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“These student projects, completed in collaboration with faculty members outside the traditional classroom setting, represent the personal, value added educational opportunities available at Morehead State University,” said Dr. Morgan.

“The involvement of undergraduate students with faculty in research, scholarship, and other creative endeavors provides the type of rich academic environment necessary for the development of leaders with the intellectual skills and vision to guide the future social and economic development of our Commonwealth and the nation. MSU is committed to the continued expansion of these scholarly opportunities for students in all academic programs through initiatives such as our unique Undergraduate Research Fellows program and our Celebration of Student Scholarship Week,” added Morgan.

More than 125 poster projects are on display throughout the Capitol.

A total of 19 MSU students collaborated with faculty to present posters at this year’s event.

“Morehead State University has a well-documented history of excellence in undergraduate research and this has resulted in a campus culture that embraces faculty mentorship as a means of enhancing engagement and critical thinking skills – both of which are important predictors of student success. We are indeed proud of our students and their faculty mentors who are showcasing their collaborations in Frankfort today,” said Dr. Henson.

Participants were:

Cade Ball of Stanton collaborated with faculty member Dr. Sara Lindsey, associate professor of education. His poster was titled “The Benefits of International Studies for American Education Students.”

Austin Curnutte of Auxier worked with Dr. Christina Conroy, associate professor of philosophy. His poster was titled “Violent Civil Disobedience.”

Cameron Arthur of Nicholasville, and Brooke Hall of Paintsville, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Connie Grimes, instructor of CIS. Their poster was titled “The SpaceTrek App.”

Justin M. Elswick of Ashland, worked with Dr. Lesia Lennex, professor of education, and Dr. April Reefer, director of the Center For Environmental Education. His poster was titled, “6th through 12th grades Engineering Project – Turbine Design.”

Samuel L. Case of Paducah, Alexandria B. Cantrell of Winchester, Katie L. Everman of Morehead, Aubrey L. Bennett of Temple, Georgia, and Gregory K. Carter of Coal Grove, Ohio, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Wesley White, professor of psychology, and Dr. Ilsun White, professor of psychology. Their poster was titled “A Potential Animal Model of Drug Vulnerability.”

Joe Castle of Paintsville and Torianne Crouch of Salt Lick, worked with Dr. Katy Carlson, professor of English. Their poster was titled “Accents and Focus Particles Draw Attachment.”

Kelsey Purdum of Gallipolis, Ohio, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Kimberlee Sharp, associate professor of education. Her poster was titled “Elementary Teachers' Experiences Using Informational Texts to Teach Social Studies in Eastern Kentucky.”

Zachary Coots of Bardstown, worked with Dr. Gary O’ Dell, professor of geography. His poster was titled “Gunpowder Mill Explosions in the United States 1800-1865.”

Elizabeth Von Mann of Richmond, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Kristina DuRocher, professor of history. Her poster was titled “Images of Feminism in the Twentieth Century.”

Austin Wood of South Point, Ohio, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Michele Paise, visiting assistant professor of music. His poster was titled “Movement in the Elementary General Music Classroom: Developmentally Appropriate Practice.”

Cassie Gibson of Morehead, worked with Dr. Lori Baruth, associate professor of music. Her poster was titled “Music as a Means of Healing: The Effects of Music Therapy Concepts with Regard to Elementary School Age Children and on Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”

Andrew Cooper of Winchester and Cody Mitchell of Clay City, collaborated with faculty member Dr. Shahrokh Sani, assistant professor of computer science. Their poster was titled “Sleep Apnea Screening.”

Callie Arnold of Mt. Sterling, Danielle Gibson of Germantown and Kaylee Whitenack of Georgetown, worked with Dr. Michael Fultz, associate professor of biology, in conjunction with the Morehead State University Space Science Center. Their poster was titled “Redesign of a Cell Culture System to Investigate the Effects of Microgravity on Cytoskeletal Remodeling in Smooth Muscle.”

Craft Academy student Cole Danzer of Crittenden worked with Dr. Andreas Loepke and Dr. Steve Danzer. His poster was titled “Long-term Fate Mapping to Assess the Impact of Postnatal Isoflurane Exposure on Granule Cell Pre- and Post-synaptic Terminal Structure.”

Additional information about this event and opportunities for undergraduate research at MSU is available by calling 606-783-2010.