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MSETM student helps Regal Beloit increase production efficiency

Xiaotong (Victoria) Pang, a graduate student in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management (ETM), has been working as an intern in Regal Beloit in Morehead where she has been assisting the Quality Team with continuous improvement of the production efficiency.

The Regal Facility in Morehead achieved the Regal Beloit Compass Star I certification during her internship last November.

Last month, senior managers of Regal Beloit and faculty members comprising Pang’s thesis committee attended her thesis proposal presentation in the Lloyd Cassity Building. The faculty members of her thesis committee included Dr. Ahmad Zargari, associate dean of School of Engineering and Information Systems and ETM professors Dr. Kouroush Jenab, Dr. Nilesh Joshi and Dr. Qingzhou Xu.

The Regal Beloit senior management team that attended the presentation included Plant Manager Randy Norwood, who has been elected as the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) vice president for two years and will assume the duties of KAM president after his VP term expires. The other members of the Regal Beloit management team that attended the presentation included Randy Bumgardner, manufacturing manager; Ernie Robinson, quality supervisor/lean champion; and Caleb Grimes, manufacturing engineer II.

Pang’s presentation covered the topic of quality improvement with Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) in a manufacturing system. She used Pareto Chart, Cause-and-Effect Diagram and Statistical Process Control Chart interlinking with the PFMEA in order to explore the potential failure mode and potential effect(s) of failure in performance bearing production. Victoria received positive feedback from the presentation and the Regal Beloit management professionals agreed that her presentation was outstanding.

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