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Space Science Center featured in Southern Business and Development magazine

Morehead State University’s Space Science Center was voted number one in two aerospace categories in "The Best of the Aerospace Industry in the American South.” 

The Space Science Center ranked first in The Best Aerospace R&D in Kentucky and Kentucky's Best Colleges for Aerospace Worker Training. The rankings appear in the current issue of Southern Business and Development magazine. 

The publication, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a business and commerce outlet with a regional reach that focuses on business, management, technology, information technology and development. 

The Best of the Aerospace Industry in the South is the latest installment of the magazine’s series of the "Best of Economic Development in the American South".

According to the magazine, the aerospace industry in the region had the two best back-to-back years in terms of project activity ever in 2016 and 2017. The aerospace industry is growing faster than any industry in the region.  

According to Southern Business and Development magazine, the results are based on SB&D’s knowledge of the aviation and aerospace industry in the region, data from, and a poll of members of the Southern Economic Development Roundtable.  

There were 10 categories per state in the “Best of the Aerospace Industry in the American South” and the communities or sites chosen are listed based on what we believe are the top of their classes. States included were Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Kentucky. 

To view the rankings, visit

For additional information about Morehead State University's Space Science Center or related academic programs, contact Dr. Benjamin Malphrus, executive director, at 606-783-2212.