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Harstine named Distinguished Alumni Award winner

Gerry Harstine of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was honored as the recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award during Morehead State University’s College of Business and Technology Banquet.

“I was thrilled when the faculty selected Gerry as this year’s recipient,” said Dr. Bob Albert, dean. “He had had an impressive career which makes him a most worthy recipient of this recognition. He is truly an outstanding role model for our students.”

A native of Akron, Ohio, Harstine graduated from MSU in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He also holds an Master of Science in Economics from the University of Connecticut and an Master of Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio.

Most of his career has been involved in developing products and markets in various industries. He has worked alongside groups such as Boston Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton, McKenzie and Bacon and Butler, where he learned how to develop products and markets.

His range of experiences includes positions as planning and marketing manager for the power generation company, Babcock and Wilcox; business unit manager at Combustion Engineering; advanced technology market development manager at Lear Seigler Aerospace. Harstine also led two companies, serving as president: Michigan instruments, a medical instruments company, and National Products, an office and lab furniture/equipment company.

Currently, he serves as the owner/president of three companies: Harvest Farms, an environmental equipment company; Environmental Power Strategies and Servline, a water and waste water insurance company where he obtained a patent on a drying process for bio-solids.

Additional information is available by contacting MSU’s College of Business and Technology at 606-783-2174 or visit

Pictured from left are Gerry Harstine and Dr. Bob Albert, dean of the College of Business and Technology.