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MSU dedicates Golding-Yang Art Gallery

The Golding-Yang Art Gallery was officially dedicated Friday, May 4, to honor the late Deeno Golding, his wife Yanya Yang and brother-in-law Neng Yang. The ceremony was held at the Claypool-Young Art Building.

“Deeno Golding, Yanya Yang and Neng Yang have been ambassadors of higher learning and loyal supporters of Morehead State University for decades," said President Joseph A. (Jay) Morgan. "Their support through service, dedication and financial commitment has been unwavering. Most recently, they have established three significant endowments which support scholarships and the gallery."

These three individuals have affected the lives of countless individuals through their experiences in the classroom and the MSU arts community.

Golding was a fulltime faculty member in the Department of Art and Design for 23 years and was beloved by his students for his encouragement and inspiration. He also taught for several summer arts programs including the Arts Academy in Guanxi, China, and the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program.

Yanya Yang, Golding’s wife of nearly 20 years, worked as a graduate assistant in the gallery while completing her Master of Arts degree at MSU. She went on to teach art and design classes for Morehead State. 

Neng Yang received his Master of Arts degree from MSU and like his sister he served as a graduate assistant in the gallery. He also worked in the Office of International Student Services and taught classes in art and design. Additionally, Yang was commissioned to paint the official University portraits of all former MSU presidents from Dr. Frank Button to Dr. Ronald Eaglin.

The family has established three significant endowments that support scholarships and the campus art gallery. In recognition of their support through service, dedication, and financial commitment to MSU, the Golding-Yang Art Gallery was named to honor their commitment to MSU’s mission of educating students from Eastern Kentucky and beyond.

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