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Mysonhimer to participate in Kosovo International Summer Academy

Mysonhimer_M.jpgChad Mysonhimer, a second year Master of Public Administration (MPA) student, will attend the Kosovo International Summer Academy for “Peace building in post-conflict areas - Diplomacy, Leadership and Negotiations.”

The academy will be held in Pristina, Kosovo, with enrichment excursions to Prizen, Mitrovica, and Gadime Cave. He will meet with high-ranking officials and ambassadors during his time in the Balkans.

“Given his interest in the use of coercive diplomacy in international conflict, I think this particular summer academy suits him well,” said Dr. James Masterson, associate professor of government, and Mysonhimer’s MPA thesis advisor.

“He’ll be learning about the conflict in the Balkans from diplomats, scholars and policymakers who experienced it first-hand. More importantly, he’ll be learning about successful strategies towards building peace among diverse groups of people in war-torn regions.”

When asked what he hopes to gain from this experience, Mysonhimer replied, “I hope to learn about diplomacy in Europe and Post-Soviet states, as well as the Balkan wars of the 1990s. I also am hoping to gain an international experience, see new sites, experience new cultures, meet new people and find new opportunities.”

The Lebanon, Ohio, native cites his work in the field of international relations that he has completed towards his MPA thesis and his undergraduate major in government that have prepared him for this opportunity.

“However, I would say that teaching political science for the past two years has given me a new level of confidence and competence that I have never had before,” said Mysonhimer, who earned his Bachelor of Arts in Government and Philosophy from MSU.

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