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MSU Career Services presents internship awards

Reegal-e.jpgMorehead State University’s Office of Career Services recently presented this year’s Experiential Education Awards.

The awards honored a student, an employer and a faculty member whose contributions to and investments in career development via experiential education were truly exceptional. All students, employers and faculty engaged in experiential education – internships, clinicals, practicums and student teaching – during 2017 were eligible for nomination.

pang-e.jpgThe Student Intern of the Year Award was given to Victoria Pang, a graduate student in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management. As an intern with the quality team at Regal Beloit, her research and work focused around continuous improvement of production efficiency, and she was instrumental in helping the team achieve Compass Star 1 certification – a mark of industry excellence.

The Internship Employer of the Year Award was given to Regal Beloit. The company is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls and power generation products serving markets throughout the world. The award recognized Plant Manager Randy Norwood, Manufacturing Manager Randy Bumgardner, Quality Coordinator and Intern Supervisor Ernie Robinson and Manufacturing Engineer II Caleb Grimes.

Greg-russell-e.jpgThe Faculty Supervisor of the Year Award was given to Dr. Gregory Russell, School of Business Administration associate dean, for dedication in assisting students to learn about, secure and complete experiential education opportunities in a range of fields within the School of Business Administration. Russell supervises internship placements in the fields of accounting, economics, finance, marketing and management, collaborating with employers who span the range from small businesses to multinational, billion-dollar firms.

“Experiential education allows students to take what they’re learning in the classroom and apply it in the field, thereby allowing them to gain professional experience before graduation. This is vital, because the competitive job market is tied to a global economy where experience and diversified skills matter. That is the critical takeaway that quality internships provide and we are so pleased to recognize the students, employers and faculty who have made these outstanding contributions to and investments in career development via experiential education. I’m very proud of them,” said Josh Taylor, career counselor and internship coordinator.

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Top photo: from left, Regal Beloit’s Randy Norwood, Caleb Grimes, Ernie Robinson and Josh Taylor, career counselor and internship coordinator.

Middle photo: Victoria Pang and Josh Taylor.

Bottom photo: Dr. Gregory Russell and Josh Taylor.