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Bluegrass Biennial closing reception held

Biennial-400x400.jpgA juror’s talk and closing reception were held for the Bluegrass Biennial Art Exhibit in the Golding-Yang Art Gallery of the Claypool-Young Art Building Wednesday evening (Aug. 29.)

The Bluegrass Biennial is a Kentucky-specific exhibit where artists can debut their work with minimal restrictions. To participate in this exhibition artists must be 18 years or older and currently reside in Kentucky.

“There’s no requirement as far as if you have an art degree or if you’re self-taught,” said Jennifer Reis, director of the Golding-Yang Gallery.

During the reception, exhibition juror and curator for the Carnegie Center for Art, Daniel Pfalzgraf, spoke on his selection process, the awarded pieces and the overall theme of the show. Pfalzgraf defines the Bluegrass Biennial as Kentucky through time. He said art is a communication between artist and audience.

The exhibit consisted of a diverse range of work such as sculptures, textile work  and  graphite drawings.

Reis said this exhibition brings a wide variety of artwork as well as inspiration to Morehead State art students.

“It’s important for our students to be able to go in there and go, ‘Oh ok this is what I could shoot for. I’m just learning right now, but here’s a goal for me to try to get to the level of expertise.’”

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