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Board of Regents welcomes new members; Elects officers

Morehead State University’s Board of Regents welcomed new members and elected officers at a special called meeting held today (Thursday, Aug. 9). 

New board members Brandon Bryer, Craig Dennis and Sanford Holbrook were administered the oath of office by Judge Willie Roberts. The Regents elected Wayne Martin as vice chair, and Sharon S. Reynolds, assistant to the president, as secretary. Teresa Lindgren, interim chief financial officer, was appointed treasurer. The board also authorized modification of an existing lease agreement. 
 New regents take the oath of office.
After the special called meeting was adjourned, the board held a work session to discuss several issues. No action was taken. The board recognized Dr. John H. Curry, associate professor of education; Virginia Brown, building services technician; and Mike McGuire, head baseball coach, for their outstanding service and dedication to the University. 

The Regents heard presentations on the University’s goals for 2018-19 academic year, an overview of the new capital campaign focused on student scholarships and an update on the status of the Kentucky Folk Art Center. 
Following the work session, a new member orientation was held for Bryer, Dennis and Holbrook. 
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Top, from left: Dr. Jay Morgan, Virginia Brown, Dr. John Curry and Coach Mike McGuire.
Bottom, from left: Sanford Holbrook, Craig Dennis and Brandon Bryer take the oath of office, administered by Judge Willie Roberts.