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Pike County Central students participate in Eagle Scholars program

Students from Pike County Central High School visited Morehead State as part of the Eagle Scholars program on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

More than 60 high and technical schools offer MSU classes with nearly 3,000 high school students participating in the program.

“The Eagle Scholars program allows students to take challenging college courses during high school. The classes are the same classes that are offered on the Morehead campus. They are taught by local teachers who meet the high academic standards that are required of Morehead State faculty. These courses are challenging and allow students to be exposed to the academic rigor that comes with a college course,” said Joel Pace, program director. 

Qualifying students are given the opportunity to prepare for the future while attending high school. In the program, students may enroll in a course taught in their high school and receive college credit for successful completion. The program allows qualified high school faculty, who meet accreditation standards, to teach the University courses.

Additional information is available by calling Pace at 606-783-2995 or visit