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Family Weekend activities held

Family and friends of MSU students got a taste of life in the Eagle Nation this weekend during the 40th Annual Family Weekend, Sept. 14-16.

Activities included family fun at the Recreation & Wellness Center, a movie night in Button Auditorium on Friday and the Eighth Annual Morehead Arts and Eats Festival on Saturday.

“Family weekend has been amazing we’ve had great weather and an opportunity to spend time with the faculty and the students here. It’s been a great experience for all of us.” Susan French-Epps, mother of an MSU student said.

Later Saturday evening students, faculty and families came together to tailgate and cheer on the football team while enjoying food, games and performances by the MSU Marching Band and MSU Cheerleaders. The Eagle Football team faced off against Austin Peay in the highest scoring game in Jayne Stadium history. The Eagles fought a tough battle in the back-and-forth matchup, but ultimately lost, 78-40. 

“It’s our first experience and everyone here has been kind and welcomed us with open arms, so it really has helped us to make the transition from high school to college a lot more palatable for all of us.” French-Epps said.

Some of MSU’s prominent attractions include the Space Science Center, Star Theater and the Golding-Yang Art Gallery.

This year marked the 40th Family Weekend held at MSU. 

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