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MSU and Sullivan enter collaborative agreement

Leaders from Morehead State University and Sullivan University met Thursday, Sept. 27, to sign a collaborative agreement for a collaborative program between the two schools.

The agreement will allow students in MSU’s biomedical sciences pre-pharmacy track to attend their first three years of school at MSU, then transfer to Sullivan to begin the Doctor of Pharmacy program. If accepted at Sullivan, they will earn their Bachelor of Science from MSU after their first year in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. 

MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan said he hopes the agreement between the two schools will fill a vital need in Eastern Kentucky. 

“We think this is a win-win,” said Morgan. “We hope the students in our service region will see this as a pipeline to pharmacy school at Sullivan, and hopefully they’ll return to our region.” 

“We’re really thrilled to be signing this agreement with a great public university to give students at MSU an opportunity to earn their degree here while they work on their Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Sullivan,” said Dr. Jay Marr, president and CEO of Sullivan University. “It’s really a positive and a good path forward for students who want to study pharmacy.” 

For more information on the Pre-Pharmacy track at MSU, visit or call 606-783-2945.

Pictured above in the front row, left to right, are: MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan, Sullivan University President and CEO Dr. Jay Marr and Dr. Diana Lawrence, provost at Sullivan University. Back row, left to right: MSU Provost Dr. Bob Albert, Sullivan Admissions Advisor Jillian Misbach and Dr. Cindy Stowe, dean of Sullivan University’s College of Pharmacy.