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Prestonsburg SASW hosts KODA event

Members of Morehead State University at Prestonsburg’s Student Association of Social Workers hosted an event Wednesday, Sept. 12, for the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) at the Prestonsburg regional campus.  

From left, Johnna Little, Paintsville senior, secretary; Tara Rowland, Paintsville senior, president; Lauren Salyer, KODA outreach coordinator and Lindsay Stidham, Hindman senior, vice president and recipient family member. The event was hosted to bring awareness to the need for organ donation and to learn about the process.

Salyer is a graduate of the MSU Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) program in Prestonsburg and spoke to the current students about what she does in the community as a social worker on the day of the drive as well. By informing the students at MSU Prestonsburg and Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC), the group hopes to increase the number of individuals who sign up to be an organ donor. It also hopes to increase understanding of the donation process and the role KODA plays in the community.  

For additional information about KODA contact, email Salyer at, or for the social work program, contact Deirdra Robinson, MSU at Prestonsburg social work program facilitator, at 606-783-9226 or visit

For more information about MSU's regional campus at Prestonsburg, visit