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Terra Nova' kicks off MSU’s 2018-19 theatrical season

Morehead State University’s Department of Music, Theatre and Dance opens an exciting 2018-19 theatrical season with an extraordinary tale of a tragic true-life adventure.

MSU’s talented students and faculty will present “Terra Nova” from Sept. 27 through Sept. 30, and Oct. 4 through Oct. 7, at the Lucille Caudill Little Theatre.

Written by Ted Nally, “Terra Nova” draws from the writings found on the frozen body of Captain Robert Falcon Scott. The tale tracks the explorer’s inspirational, brutal and ultimately fatal journey to the South Pole. Through reliving a portion of Captain Scott’s life and the lives of the men who joined him, the audience gets a true portrait of heroism among the direst of circumstances.

The production features a small cast and is one of the rare instances MSU theatre has tackled a theatrical production based on a true story and everyone involved has been truly invested in creatively recreating a brutal, honest portrayal of real-world circumstances.

“Directing this play and working with the design team has brought me tears of pride on multiple occasions,” said Octavia Biggs, director of “Terra Nova” and The Little Company theatre group. “I have been struck by the immense respect each person brought to the table and a deep desire to create a cohesive and collaborative story.”

Natasha Davis, associate professor of dance, said the heroism highlighted in “Terra Nova” can also be found in the four other productions MSU plans to present in the 2018-19 theatrical season.

“I think through the rest of the themes of these plays there’s at least one character who is doing that, this heroic realist who is not willing to give up," she said.

"Terra Nova," written by Ted Nally, Directed by Octavia Biggs: 
  • Sept. 27-29, and Oct. 4-6,  7:30 p.m.
  • Sept. 30, and Oct. 7, 2 p.m.
Lucille Caudill Little Theatre in Breckinridge Hall
Tickets: $11, $6 for seniors and non-MSU students, free with ID to MSU students

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