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Costume class serves the community

A Morehead State University theatre department class used their knowledge of sewing to give back to the community through a local charity. 
Every semester, the Costume Construction class does a charity project for the community. This semester students made pajama shirts and shorts to be handed out to kids in the community. 
“Knowing that it’s going to a child in need they feel very strongly that they have to do a good job on it,” Costume Shop supervisor, Rebecca Scott said. “It’s getting students to rise to that level on their own.”
The project is a four-week long process. The first few weeks of class, the students were taught basic sewing. At the end of the four weeks, a total of 12 pajama sets would have been made and donated to Helping Hands.
“It’s kind of exciting because something that I’m making is actually going to be used.” said Anna Morehead, a double major in creative writing and theatre. 
Scott got the idea from a friend and fellow costume shop supervisor who had been doing similar projects. This makes the fifth semester, students have participated in the charity project. Many of the students involved feel proud about what they’ve accomplished for this cause.  
“I’m proud of us.” said Eden Jordan, double major in theatre and convergent media. “It’s not much, but it’s a little something to give back.”
For more information on MSU’s Department of Music, Theatre and Dance visit or call 606-783-2473.

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Pictured above: Costume Shop Supervisor Rebecca Scott and students.