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High school bands compete in Blue and Gold Championship

Thirteen marching bands from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky competed in the Blue and Gold Championship of Marching Bands on Saturday, Sept. 29, at Jayne Stadium.

During the event hosted by Morehead State University each band performed to earn a Kentucky Education Association sanctioned rating of distinguished, proficient, apprentice or novice. The bands competed within their sanctioned class for first, second and third place. The band with the highest overall score won the MSU Blue and Gold Champion Award. Harrison County came in first place, Bourbon County came in second place and Campbell County came in third place. 

“Hosting such a massive event takes a lot of workers and space to fit all the participants and audience members.” said Kyler Disney, graduate student and student supervisor of the event. “We have been very blessed to have such flexible coaches that allow us to use the stadium and practice areas to host such an incredible day.”

The top 10 finalists held a performance followed by Morehead State’s marching band exhibition show “Mission to Mars.” 

MSU professor and associate dean of the School of Creative Arts, Jeanne Petsch said she loved the visual spectacle and that so many people came to support their students on the field. 

“It’s just a good sense of camaraderie and coming together and achieving a really amazing goal that not only do they achieve for themselves, but for all of us.”

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