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MSU ROTC Cadet helps bring aid to Uganda

Morehead State University is not only preparing today’s students for future success. It is also preparing U.S. Army cadets to become future soldiers and impactful leaders through its esteemed ROTC program. 

One of those cadets is junior exercise science major Blake White. Even though the Lexington native hasn’t graduated and reported for active duty, he’s already managed to help make a difference for people in another part of the world.

Cadet White went to various parts of Uganda with the Cultural Understanding and Leadership Program (CULP). CULP allows ROTC cadets to gain vital leadership skills and awareness of cultural differences throughout the world. Cadet White was able to represent MSU through many experiences on his journey in Uganda this past summer from June 12 to July 12. This included participation and observation in The Aids Support Organization (TASO) HIV Projects, training operations for Justified Accord 2018 and providing humanitarian aid to the Ugandans.

Cadet White said he hoped that when he applied for CULP, he would be sent to an impoverished nation like Uganda where he felt like he could do the most good. As he plans to compete for active duty in the hopes of serving in combat arms, he is thankful that MSU’s ROTC program has already provided him with an opportunity he will never forget.

“Just the little time I was there for three weeks, I felt like I made an impact on people’s lives,” White said. “This is where I wanted to go, and they gave me and provided me with what was necessary to be able to go.”

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