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Paleontologist to be MSUTeach guest speaker

Dr. Don HaasDr. Don Haas of the Paleontological Research Institute will give a lecture on climate change on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 3:15 p.m. in 419 Reed Hall.

The lecture, titled “The Obstacles Are Largely the Same: On Climate Change and Education Reform," is sponsored by the MSUTeach Noyce Scholars program. The talk will explore the parallels between challenges in education and climate change. 

“Change in the energy system is hard in many of the same ways change is hard in the educational system. If we study the similarities of those challenges, we might be more successful at making changes in both systems - and others as well,” said Dr. David Long, assistant professor of education. “Dr. Haas is a foremost scientist and science educator on how we best can overcome social resistance to sticky problems like climate change and educational reform.”

Haas is director of teacher programming at the Paleontological Research Institute. He specializes in place-based earth science education, teacher professional development and curriculum materials development. 

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Photo credit: Paleontological Research Institute