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SGA and CHS sign agreement to provide more care for students

Morehead State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) is partnering with Counseling and Health Services (CHS) to provide health care services to students in need.

The SGA and CHS signed the agreement at a meeting held Monday, Oct. 15. Under the agreement, SGA committed $2,000 to the SGA Health Care Assistance Fund. Money in the fund will be used to help student pay for copays and treatments. Half of the fund will be used for general health care and half will be used for mental health care. The assistance program will be capped at $100 per person, per visit. 

CHS Interim Director Tonia Socha-Mower said the assistance fund will help many students. She said approximately 50 percent of MSU students are on Medicaid and 25% percent have no insurance coverage at all, which means students who can’t afford a trip to the campus clinic often go without care.

“We see about 20 patients a week who are in pain. When we ask these students why they did not come to see us earlier, most say the cost stopped them from seeking help,” Socha-Mower said. “By removing the cost barrier for students who are concerned about the money, they will come in earlier before the condition or disease is exacerbated.” 

She added there is a direct connection between a student’s wellbeing and how they perform in the classroom. 
“The research is clear that students who are in poor health are more likely to be absent from class, more likely to fail and more likely to drop out. This makes sense since students who are in pain cannot focus on their academics. This donation will help us remove the financial barriers to help those students in need and keep all of our fees low.”

SGA President Brandon Bryer said he worked over the summer to develop a strategic plan for the SGA that would allow the organization to have a broader effect on the entire campus community. 

“We want to make true, impactful changes for the students whom we represent,” Bryer said. “A fund that allows students to have their copays paid for by the SGA is something that can make the difference between being healthy or sick and goes far beyond a simple pizza party or a one-hour student organization event. One case of non-treatment is too many and we are seeking to address this.” 

SGA Vice President Colby Birkes said the SGA is proud to help fellow Eagles in need.

“We just want to help out as many students as we can,” he said. “It makes us feel really good that we’re in a position to help out our MSU family.” 

Bryer added the SGA will still fund student organizations as it always has, and he encourages organizations across campus to contact the SGA if they have an initiative that would directly benefit students.

The SGA Health Care Assistance Fund will be available beginning Monday, Oct. 22.

For more information about SGA, visit or call 606-783-2071.

For information about MSU Counseling and Health Services, or to make an appointment, visit or call 606-783-2055. 
Pictured above from left to right are SGA Vice President Colby Birkes, SGA President Brandon Bryer and CHS Interim Director Tonia Socha-Mower.