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Social Work program hosts state board regional meeting

MSU students attending a regional meeting of the Kentucky Board of Social WorkMSU'S Social Work Program hosted the Kentucky Board of Social Work Regional Meeting on Oct. 9, at the Center for Health, Education and Research. 

The Kentucky Board of Social Work sets the public standards of professional performance for those engaged in the profession of social work by regulating the title and setting standards of qualification, training and experience for those who seek to engage in the practice of social work. Students pursuing their Bachelor of Social Work at MSU had the unique opportunity to observe a board meeting in real time, ask questions and network with the board members to learn more about policy and their profession. More than 50 students attended.

“We got really positive feedback from our students that they learned so much and they didn’t realize all the details that went into licensing,” said Dr. Lynn Guerin, associate professor of social work. “It was a compliment to our program that the board wanted to reach out to us and hold their meeting here.” 

For more information about the Bachelor of Social Work at MSU, visit or call 606-783-2656.