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GEMS Camp comes to MSU

GEMS.jpgA unique STEM experience for girls will be hosted at Morehead State on Saturday, Nov. 10.

MSU’s Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics will host the 14th Annual Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (GEMS) camp is open to all girls in grades 4-12 in the state of Kentucky. The one-day camp will feature workshops led by women in STEM fields and STEM-related activities. 

“We believe in encouraging our girls to pursue more advanced STEAM related courses because participation by women in STEAM careers is vital to a successful and well-rounded corporation,” said Katie Maudlin, community and events program manager for the Girl Scouts of Kentucky Wilderness Road Chapter, which is co-sponsoring the camp in collaboration with the Craft Academy.

Participants in the camp will engage in four, 45-minute STEM-related workshops, and will have 19 different workshops to choose from. Some of the workshops available include “Movie Making Science,” “The Physics of Flight” and “The Rube Goldberg Design Challenge,” among others. 

“GEMS helps build girls with the courage to explore new adventures, the confidence to enhance their talents and the character to shape their future,” Maudlin said.

Parents of camp participants can take workshops, where they will learn ways to prepare their daughter for college and beyond.

For more information, visit, email Justice at or call 859-293-2621.