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MSU philosophy intern gains valuable experience for medical school

Cory GrigsbyMorehead State University has a long and respected reputation for helping students gain admittance to pre-professional schools at rates far above both state and national averages. MSU student Cory Grigsby is hoping his current internship experience can set him on the path to similar academic success.

A senior from Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Grigsby is a major in philosophy who is completing a philosophy internship at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead. He is the fourth MSU philosophy intern at St. Claire.

Riki Watts, director of surgical services at St. Claire and supervisor over Grigsby's internship, said the internship focuses on ethics.

"In all professional healthcare settings, we face ethical challenges that require the application of our code of ethics, which supports patient advocacy," Watts said.

"The study of philosophy gives students a set of highly portable skills, like the ability to analyze complex problems given incomplete evidence,” added Dr. Scott Davison, professor of philosophy at MSU. “Students who participate in the philosophy intern program at St. Claire Regional Medical Center are able to use those skills to approach ethical issues in health care, which are some of the most pressing and difficult issues anywhere.”
Grigsby had planned to specialize in orthopedics when he attends medical school next year, but he has decided to specialize in general surgery thanks to his internship experiences in surgery.

"The ethics internship at St. Claire allowed me to gain firsthand experiences in the operating room that otherwise would not be available to me, including watching providers face a wide array of moral issues as they attempt to provide adequate health care," he said.

Grigsby will present an ethics seminar later this semester to the St. Claire/MSU community, highlighting a collaboration that continues to be a fruitful partnership.

"We enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship provided by MSU's philosophy internship program," said Sister Judi Lambert, vice president of mission integration at St. Claire. "Continually reflecting on the ethical considerations of all we do is an essential part of our service to our patients and the community."

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