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MSU’s Winter Session prepares to heat up

Winter 2018Morehead State University is once again about to prove that cold weather and college credit hours make a pretty good pair. 

MSU’s Winter Session will take place from Dec. 10, 2018, through Jan. 17, 2019. Those interested in registering can do so right up until the first day of classes on Monday, Dec. 10. 

Winter Session allows current MSU students, new MSU students or students visiting from another institution to take up to six credit hours in the four weeks during MSU’s winter break – and do so entirely online. 

MSU first began offering its Winter Session three years ago and the unique opportunity to take classes during this short time frame is growing in popularity. The 2017-18 Winter Session had a total enrollment of 751 students taking 96 courses for a total of 2,820 credit hours, an increase from 544 students, 70 courses and 2,000 hours in the prior 2016-17 session. 

For more information about MSU’s Winter Session, including application and course information, resources and FAQs, visit