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Beckham presents at education symposium

A Morehead State education professor recently presented his research at a national education symposium.  

Assistant Professor of Education Christopher Beckham presented his paper at the Critical Questions in Education Symposium last semester. The symposium was sponsored by the Academy for Educational Studies and the theme was “Civics, Citizenship and Civility: How are These Concepts Framed, Explored and Advanced or Derailed in Public Schools.”  

Beckham’s paper, “Remembering the Founders’ Vision of the Primacy of Education for a Free People”  explored the writings and ideals of several of America’s founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and how their philosophies on education can be applied to modern public education.  

“This was a national conference where a large number of peer-reviewed presentations were invited. I was fortunate enough to have my paper selected,” Beckham said. “This conference demonstrated how just interesting and timely the topics in foundations of education can be.” Beckham frequently teaches foundations in education classes at MSU.  

“I believe having a good foundation in the history and philosophy of education contributes to the overall effectiveness of classroom teachers by helping them better understand the background of educational policies and practices,” he said.

Beckham also participated in a round table panel with other university faculty members from across the country that discussed the question, “Are there parts of the American story, and are there essential democratic principles, that students should come to know and embrace during their time in school?”

“Since my paper was directly related to the conference theme, I was invited to be part the round table," Beckham said. “I hope that the conference audience who listened to and participated in our discussion thought about how they could continue the conversation about essential democratic principles and aspects of the American story with their own colleagues and classes.”  

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