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MSU to freeze housing rates for next year

Officials at Morehead State University have announced plans to freeze campus housing rates for next year. 

"Part of Morehead State’s dedication to student success is not just an experience that combines personalized attention and high-quality academic programs, but making that experience affordable to students and their families," said Dr. Jay Morgan, MSU president. "Even in difficult times in state budgets, MSU has a commitment to retaining its long-held status as the most affordable university east of Frankfort. We understand our service region and the students and communities within it. We will continue to evaluate strategies and to look for ways to make higher education as affordable as possible to as many students as possible at our University.”

Living on campus offers all the conveniences of independent living coupled with valuable support, learning, and safety structures to facilitate student success. Residents cherish the on-campus living experience and form lasting memories of their University experience. “I feel like living on campus has made me feel more comfortable and more confident in going to MSU because it’s the full experience,” shared Brooke Karrick, a legal studies major from Wallingford, Kentucky.

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