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Education professor explores the learning process

Morehead State Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Christopher Beckham recently contributed a chapter to the book, “Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice” from Myer Education Press.

Beckham wrote chapter six of the book, entitled, “Must We Always Stay on the Struggle Bus?” In it, Beckham discusses some of the difficulties students and teachers face in the learning process. He said his writing was an outgrowth of his class lessons, and he cited many of the sources his students study in class.  

“One of the inspirations for the chapter came from a quote in ‘The Republic of Plato’ where one of the characters remarked that there is ‘nothing beautiful without struggle,’ and I thought that was especially true where learning is concerned,” Beckham said.  

Beckham has published several journal articles, including a recent piece about former MSU President Adron Doran that appeared in The Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society. He has also published a book but said this is the first time he’s contributed to an edited collection. The book is part of The Academy of Educational Studies book series, and Beckham often presents research at academy events. Beckham said he is grateful for the support he received from his colleagues while writing his chapter.

“My department chair and colleagues in Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education provide me with lots of encouragement and support in the research I do,” he said. “I am very grateful for that.”   

He added he hopes those who read his contribution to the book take away an understanding of the power of perseverance and positive reinforcement.  

“Learning how to face challenges and overcome them is such an important part of life. School can be a safe place where we learn the lessons of perseverance and accomplishment in the face of difficulties,” Beckham said. “I try to remind teachers that encouragement goes a long way in helping students persevere and overcome challenges.”

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