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Morehead State’s online MA in sociology receives national ranking

Morehead State University has a reputation for academic excellence and student success, including some of the best online programs in the country. has recognized the online Master of Arts in Sociology as one of the 10 best online programs in the U.S. The program is ranked seventh and recognized as Best in Career Development.  

According to, “Morehead State University focuses on its students' career development through a rigorous curriculum that's designed to advance their careers in such areas as social justice, teaching, environmental activism and more. Students in the master's in sociology program also benefit from the school's invaluable career services, which offer everything from career planning to internship placement.” 

“The success of the sociology master’s program is demonstrated by the number of our graduates who are now meaningfully employed in their chosen professions and by those who have gone on to enroll and graduate from various doctoral programs at major research institutions. Their success reflects the expertise and commitment of our graduate faculty to teach and mentor students to be engaged and productive teachers, counselors and researchers to the benefit of our region and to society at large. While our students’ success will always be a source of profound mutual gratification, all of us, students and faculty, are thrilled to be a part of an award-winning program,” says Dr. Sue Tallichet, professor of sociology and program coordinator. uses research performed by industry experts, hiring managers, current students and alumni to analyze information and present it in the form of user-friendly guides with the goal of personal and social advancement for students.  

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To learn more about MSU’s master's degree in sociology visit or contact Professor Tallichet at 606-783-2656 or