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MSU degree in space systems engineering offers students experience and job preparation

Morehead State University is well known for its space science degree programs and has graduates working for NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Kentucky aerospace technology companies and beyond. To meet the needs of the growing aerospace industry, MSU is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Space Systems Engineering.   

This is one of few similar programs nationwide offered at the undergraduate level. The presence of the 21-meter space tracking antenna on campus and facilities in the Space Science Center provide students with the hands-on training needed for this field. Students and staff have built and flown seven small satellite mission to date, with three in development. These represent extraordinary opportunity for hands-on training.

Students in the program will work with excellent faculty with diverse backgrounds in space-related science and technology fields and perform research in space systems engineering, space mission operations and satellite ground station technologies.

This program will prepare students for professional opportunities in applied technologies such as astronautical engineering, space system development and testing, satellite telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) and telecommunications electronics. Graduates will be prepared for positions with NASA, aerospace companies, public and private science organizations, research facilities, colleges and in other commercial industries.  

“We are excited to have received Council on Postsecondary Education approval for our Bachelor of Science in Space Systems Engineering. This program is designed to prepare graduates for exciting career opportunities in fields such as astronautical engineering and telecommunication electronics. With the growth in Kentucky’s aerospace industry, we believe our program is positioned well to provide not only outstanding careers for our graduates but also addresses an important statewide workforce need,” Dr. Bob Albert, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs.  

The new degree program was approved by the Council for Postsecondary Education on Feb. 22 and reflects a modification of the current Bachelor of Science in Space Science degree program to better prepare students with the engineering rigor and preparation needed in the aerospace industry.    

MSU also offers a Master of Science in Space Systems Engineering that offers students the opportunity to continue their skill development at the graduate level.   

To learn more about this and other programs in Earth and Space Sciences, visit or call 606-783-2381.