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MSU partnership helps provide free college transcripts to students

Moore-and-Byer-400.jpgMorehead State University has plenty of resources available to aide in many aspects of college life and help students achieve success. Through a partnership between MSU’s Student Government Association and the Office of the Registrar, many students will have one less thing to worry about.

In alignment with MSU’s 2018-19 Strategic Plan, this partnership will provide free college transcripts to the first 150 students that request them. The program goes live on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and vouchers will be available in both the SGA office (Suite 222, ADUC) and in Eagle Essentials (215, ADUC) for students that are in need. Students can then take their vouchers over to the Office of the Registrar (201 Ginger Hall) and receive a free transcript.  

This program is designed to support MSU students that are applying for internships, employment, fellowships or other endeavors that may require a college transcript for consideration. The program is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students at MSU.

The vouchers expire July 1, but the program is anticipated to continue next year. Keith Moore, registrar, and SGA President Brandon Bryer collaborated on this project and gained approval from the SGA Senate.

“SGA has been fully invested in making direct and true impacts on the students that we represent,” Bryer said. “Providing transcripts free of cost to students will promote their ability to apply for competitive internships, respected fellowships and for employment opportunities after graduation.”

For more information on the MSU Student Government Association, call 606-783-2071, email or visit

To learn more about the services of the Office of the Registrar, call 606-783-2008, email or visit
Photo: MSU Registrar Keith Moore, left, and SGA President Brandon Bryer, right, collaborated to create a voucher program to offer free transcripts to students.