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Western and saddle seat teams win big

eq-500-260.jpgThe Morehead State Equestrian Team western and saddle seat teams recently had big wins at competitions.

 On Feb. 9 and 10, the western team hosted a home show at the Derrickson Agricultural Complex, while the saddle seat team traveled to a show at Zubrod Stables in Louisville. On Feb. 9.  The western team tied for High Point Team on Sunday in a close competition; the difference between high point and reserve high point teams was a single point.  

Individual high placings on the 9th and 10th include Jordyn Bagnall, a freshman from Burlington, with a 3rd and 1st place; Sydnee Barker, a senior from Frankfort, Ohio, with two 2nd place finishes and a 1st;  Sara Misura a junior from Wadsworth, Ohio,  with a 2nd; Rudy Pohlabeln, a freshman, with two 1st place finishes, Bryahna Pullins, a senior from Piketon, Ohio, with a 2nd place finish; Chelsey Pullins, a freshman from Pomeroy, Ohio, with a 2nd place win; Audrey Reed a freshman from Florence,  with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes and Taylor Wheaton, a senior of Greenfield, Ohio, with a 1st place finish.  

Bagnall, Barker, Pohlabeln, B. Pullins, Reed and Emily Shepard , a senior of Marysville, Ohio, are all qualified to compete at regional competition on Feb. 23 for a chance to advance to semi-finals in their divisions.
The saddle seat team also made a strong showing at their show in Louisville. Misura was second in her rail class and Becky Woody, a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was 3rd in her rail class and 2nd in her pattern class.  

MSU Farm Manager Joe Fraley traveled with the saddle team to Louisville since the rest of the team was at Morehead hosting the western show. They will have one more regular season show on March 23 before their championships in April.  

For more information about equestrian teams at MSU, contact Coach Devin Lintzenich at or call 606-783-2662. To learn more about academic programs in the Department of Agricultural Sciences, visit