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ALC receives grant from Rowan365

McKinney-and-Fannin-400x-500.jpgMorehead State’s Adult Learning Center (ALC) was recently awarded a $1,000 grant from Rowan365 to help pay for test fees.  

The grant was funded by Rowan365, a local nonprofit program that asks young philanthropists aged 22-40 to pledge to donate $1 a day, 365 days a year. Half of the funds are put in an endowment for the future sustainability of the program, the other half is given away at the end of the year to local nonprofits who apply for the grants. Rowan365 is overseen by the Bluegrass Community Foundation and was started last year.  

“The program was established to promote philanthropic giving, and to try and demonstrate the importance of fiscal giving from members in order to help the community grow in various areas,” said Rowan365 Steering Committee Member Beth Reynolds.  

Jennifer McKinney, director of the ALC, said the money will help students in all stages of completing their GED. While some assistance is available to help offset the costs from the Commonwealth Educational Opportunity Center, McKinney said that often isn’t enough to help the most at-need students.  

“Most of our students are struggling to make ends meet and working in low paying jobs if at all. This sounds like a small amount of money but means all the difference. The GED is considered equal to a high school diploma with employers and post-secondary education. Most of our students go on to receive some other type of training after they get their GED,” she said. “We are striving to make sure no one has to miss out on their education because they don't have a high school diploma or cannot afford to take the GED.”  

For more information about MSU’s Adult Learning Center, visit, email or call 606-783-9531. 


Photo: Opal Fannin, left, and Jennifer McKinney accepted a grant from the Rowan 365 group during an awards banquet held earlier this month.