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Conroy organizes philosophy of physics workshop at Dartmouth

MSU faculty excel inside and outside the classroom whether they are giving one-on-one instruction to their students, conducting research or participating in academic presentations. Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Christina Conroy’s study of quantum indeterminacy has led to her organizing a workshop bringing in a world-class team of philosophers of physics.

"My research is concerned with issues that straddle the line between philosophy and physics," Conroy said. "I investigate questions about what our world is like at the most fundamental level-looking to physics to see what science tells us is true about the world, and then considering how that could inform traditional philosophical debates in metaphysics."

Conroy has previously shared her expertise serving as the program chair for a three-day international conference on the metaphysics of science this past fall in Milan, Italy. She has also organized symposia on the philosophy of physics for a variety of international conferences. 

This upcoming workshop will take place this July at Dartmouth College. It will feature a panel of key scholars in the field from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, England, Switzerland and Australia. Conroy said the primary goal of the conference is to bring more attention to the topic of quantum indeterminacy. She hopes a call for submitted papers will result in more scholarly research and writing on the topic being featured at the workshop and within the field.

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