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International Student Feature: Minh Ngoc Tran

Mihn TranMorehead State University sophomore Minh Tran’s first visit to the University was marked by a special occasion: her older sister, Yen Tran’s (15), graduation. Traveling from Vietnam to Kentucky, her first impression of MSU was that it was “cozy.” She remembers visiting some of her sister’s professors and being invited over to dinner at their house.   

 “They were super friendly, which is different than what I knew from Vietnam,” said Tran. “There is generally a huge gap between professors and students. But here, that’s not the case.” 

When it came time for Tran to apply to college, she followed in her sister’s footsteps and not only applied for admittance to Morehead State, but also to the George M. Luckey Jr. Academic Honors Program. Tran was selected to join the Honors Program and was awarded the Honors Scholarship.  

Tran is studying biomedical science with a pre-med track. As an Undergraduate Research Fellow, she works under Dr. Geoff Gearner, professor of biology, to investigate the antibiotic-resistant genes in Triplett Creek watershed. Tran has been an Undergraduate Research Fellow for three semesters.  

“I am lucky to have Dr. Gearner as my biology professor. His way of teaching really helps me succeed,” said Tran.   

During her time at Morehead State, Tran has been involved with Pre-Med club, the biology club known as Beta Beta Beta, and the Academic Honors Student Association, where she serves as a member of the programming committee. 

While Tran said that there was a transition period for her to acclimate to a new culture, she credits the experience as one that made her stronger.  

“I understood more about how to be independent, take care of myself and be myself,” Tran said. “It helped me grow.”  

Additional information about biomedical sciences programs is available by visiting or calling 606-783-2945. 

For additional information about admission for international students, visit or email